MiSuk Koch

SVP, Marketing & Communications

MiSuk’s approach to marketing is equal parts vision, strategy and passion paired with a penchant for data-driven decision making.

Beyond Extenet

  • MiSuk enjoys playing golf, traveling and anything Broadway, which she shares with her husband and four children.
  • MiSuk and her daughter are active in the National Charity League, a multi-generational nonprofit of mothers and daughters committed to philanthropy, culture and leadership.

About MiSuk

MiSuk serves as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, bringing more than 20 years of experience across sales, marketing and technology in the carrier and telecom industry. A global marketing professional with a proven track record of delivering dynamic content and reaching targeted audiences with relevant advertising, MiSuk positively impacts the bottom line and consumer behaviors through strategic planning and precise execution.

Prior to Extenet, MiSuk served most recently as the Director of Digital Product Marketing for AT&T and DirecTV, where she oversaw the online digital experiences. She previously served as Director of Digital Experience Marketing for Samsung Electronics America, where she oversaw digital creative content strategy, development and deployment for all digital experiences across product categories.

MiSuk began her career in product marketing for telecommunications with U.S. Cellular.  Throughout her career, MiSuk has been widely recognized as a problem solver who drives results and a winning culture through teamwork and collaboration.

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