Extenet’s Latest Endeavor in Data Center Connectivity is a Purpose-Built Fiber Network in Orangeburg, New York

Extenet has established itself as a prominent player in the in-building wireless and fiber space. The company has 20-plus years of expertise with leading national brands and has landed huge wins with sporting venues like the AT&T Center (home of the San Antonio Spurs), AT&T Stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys) and international hospitality groups such as MGM Resorts International.

Getting Closer to the Edge

Now, Extenet is emerging as a player in data center connectivity, Edge computing and fiber networks. To provide customers with a superior level of service, the company is going deeper into digital infrastructure where markets demand it. Extenet installs purpose-built fiber networks that allow data centers to provide faster and more reliable connectivity. This means that customers can expect reduced latency and improved network performance. This is especially important in today’s data-driven world, where every second counts.

Orangeburg Explodes onto the Data Center Scene

One of Extenet’s latest initiatives is focused on enterprise and Edge connectivity in the burgeoning data center market of Orangeburg, located in upstate New York. The need for greater interconnectivity between distributed data center facilities within geographic regions is crucial to providing customers with a unified regional offering. This is where the company’s expertise comes in, including its highly-skilled operations team in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.

What makes Orangeburg unique is its close proximity to New York, while still maintaining a distance that is beneficial for business continuity considerations. Extenet deploys what it calls “thoughtful diversity,” providing alternate, redundant routes in and out of the heavily congested Northeast corridor. The area has attracted the attention of data center builders, owners and operators not only due to its advantageous location for latency-sensitive applications and disaster recovery, but also because of the competitive incentives it offers. New York eliminates sales tax as an incentive, resulting in a cost savings of more than $80,000 on a $1 million purchase of new equipment. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and competitive incentives, the Orangeburg area is quickly becoming a top destination for data center activity in the region.

Extenet Offers Exceptional Fiber Services

The company’s efforts in the Orangeburg data center market include a purpose-built fiber offering, enabling data centers to offer high-quality connectivity to their clients. The Orangeburg build will traverse a geographically diverse path from congested legacy routes connecting data center facilities in northern New Jersey and New York City to the growing region further north of these facilities. Available services include dark fiber, ethernet, cloud connect and wavelength services up to 100+ Gpbs.

To spearhead the business development related to this project, Extenet tapped into the expertise of Roy Hilliard, SVP of Sales & General Manager – Telco Infrastructure. Extenet has an expansive national fiber network from coast to coast. But this region of the country is unique. Afterall, it’s where fiber optic connectivity was born!

Because of the long history of connectivity here, and especially as it relates to the financial services hotbed located in Lower Manhattan, there are many legacy and even aging fiber routes. Hilliard is focused on expanding communication options across a wide range of segments by leveraging Extenet’s position as a leading national provider of digital infrastructure solutions to address the advanced connectivity needs of outdoor, real estate, community, venue and enterprise locations.

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