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Extenet delivers more than mobility solutions. Fueled by a robust core network, we can deliver the telco services leading enterprises needs to run their business. Whether it’s dedicated internet, cloud connectivity services, next-gen application support or dark fiber, we have the digital infrastructure solutions to launch your enterprise into the future and maximize your network’s performance.


Hyperscalers are the driving force behind the massive bandwidth and power requirements of operating the colossal e-commerce, streaming, cloud services and social media platforms we enjoy every day. Extenet’s fiber solutions and data center connectivity are purposefully designed to meet these demands. Extenet’s solution portfolio benefits hyperscalers by providing massive bandwidth at the lowest possible latency, increasing reliability and enabling nearly infinite scalability.


As the healthcare sector continues to evolve and rely more heavily on data-driven decision-making, massive changes have occurred in how care is provided. Telemedicine, electronic health records and real-time patient monitoring are all driven by the fiber connectivity solutions that have become the backbone of the healthcare IT ecosystem.

Having fully embraced the concept of digital transformation, many healthcare providers are seeing the benefits of Extenet’s ultra-secure private wireless network services. We deliver indoor 5G and Edge solutions that leverage the most cutting-edge technologies, which will continue to play a critical role in the delivery of patient care.

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In a world where microseconds can make the difference between realizing gains or losses, some of the most respected trading institutions in the world leverage Extenet’s ultrafast, secure, low latency network of interconnected financial data centers.

The financial industry relies on real-time data exchanges for effective operations. Our fiber connectivity solutions have become the bedrock upon which the financial sector builds its trading and internal network infrastructure.

Instant access to market data allows for quick decision-making and enables more accurate predictions and investment strategies. High-speed data transport is not only essential for executing profitable trades in real-time, but also for reporting, storage and analysis of every transaction.

As the financial industry continues to evolve, technology will play a pivotal role in shaping its future. Dark fiber and big bandwidth solutions will continue to drive innovations in fintech, high-frequency trading and digital banking, while optimizing financial operations and delivering superior services to customers.


Extenet’s strategic methodology for delivering campus connectivity leverages a three-pronged approach. We deliver public/private indoor 5G and outdoor wireless solutions combined with carrier-grade telco services (IP services, cloud, transport) on a single platform that is completely unique in the industry.

Extenet takes the lead on managing your wireless and terrestrial carrier relationships to help you navigate building the best network possible for your campus. Let us help you control your entire campus infrastructure to ensure a seamless, secure and sustainable user experience for staff, visitors and students/tenants.

Whether it be a mixed-use development, college/university or corporate headquarters, Extenet has the relationships and portfolio of services to deliver world-class solutions to even the largest and most complex properties.

Media & Entertainment

For TV networks, content service providers (CSPs), studios and cable companies, understanding how technology can help achieve optimum results is paramount to delivering dynamic content. Extenet is positioned to deliver the network services these companies require to keep their subscribers and greater viewership engaged. Whether it’s private wireless networks in a studio environment or robust internet connectivity at a corporate headquarters, our diverse portfolio of services covers all connectivity needs—indoor, outdoor and telco.

As we continue to work with emerging 5G technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, the future promises to deliver even more immersive and interactive entertainment experiences.


To meet the growing demand of today’s data-driven world, carriers are presented with a transformative network opportunity. Evolving technologies are driving the need to quickly scale bandwidth and capacity at any given time.

Extenet provides high-speed, low-latency services for carriers and their customers via our fiber connectivity solutions. Looking to break into a new market? Our national fiber footprint can help you get there.

Whether enabling rapid data transfers, supporting cloud-based applications or fostering seamless communication between businesses, Extenet empowers carriers to remain competitive in a fast-paced digital landscape.

Key benefits include increased operational efficiency, reduced downtime and the ability to adapt to demanding connectivity needs. With our multi-solution approach, we can expand your core network while creating additional revenue opportunities.

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