Connecting Communities

Diagram of Municipalities and Communities Scenario

Wireless networks have become critical capabilities for municipalities of all sizes as they strive to provide timely and effective governance, public safety, essential services and an exceptional quality of life for residents and visitors. As governments continue to adapt to evolving challenges and opportunities, digital infrastructure—the physical backbone of our wireless voice, text and data services—is central to their efforts to serve their constituents.

Extenet’s engineering experts work closely with governments and carriers to deploy outdoor wireless and public safety networks, such as FirstNet, that ensure reliable and secure connectivity for law enforcement, fire departments, emergency medical services and other critical first responders. Extenet’s mobility networks as well as our secure private wireless offerings are designed to handle vital communications during disasters, crises and day-to-day operations alike.

The rollout of 5G is an exceptional opportunity for government agencies at all levels—federal, state and local. From smart cities to efficient energy grid management, with each passing day the demands on network infrastructure to support wireless connectivity grow. By providing high-speed, low latency and high-capacity offerings like our revolutionary digital real estate solutions to governments nationwide, Extenet’s networks are helping bridge today’s digital divide while laying the pathway to meet the growing demands of tomorrow.

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