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As the demand for reliable high-speed connectivity continues to surge, the role of venue owners has never been more critical. Extenet is here to help transform your venue into a cutting-edge technology hub to connect guests, tenants and staff during events. Whether you operate a sports and entertainment venue, convention center, hotel, commercial real estate or transportation hub, we recognize the importance of offering innovative, cost-effective connectivity solutions for your venue.

Explore the possibilities of our powerful 5G networks and private wireless solutions, and discover how they can elevate your venue’s offerings. Whether your goal is to attract more fans, increase tenant satisfaction or provide unforgettable experiences for your visitors, Extenet is your partner to design, build and manage transformative communications networks that enable you to engage with your visitors and monetize your assets in more ways than ever before.

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Sports & Entertainment

Sports and entertainment is not just about the action on the field or the events on the stage, but rather the total fan experience. The excitement of the crowd, the thrill of the moment and the sense of connection are what make events unforgettable. Sports and entertainment venues are turning to innovative wireless solutions to enhance these experiences and keep guests coming back for more.

At Extenet, we recognize the growing need for robust, high-performance networks and have risen to the challenge to meet these evolving demands. With a range of advanced offerings tailored specifically to these venues, including indoor 5G and outdoor wireless mobility solutions, private wireless networks, fiber connectivity, managed infrastructure, Edge solutions and more, we provide a comprehensive portfolio to help set your venue apart in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Extenet’s solutions provide venue owners with dedicated network access to services, including paperless tickets, contactless parking, cashless transactions, interactive fan engagements, digital signage, geolocation, critical staff communications, crowd intelligence, real-time data analytics—we could go on…

Your venue’s dedicated network infrastructure needs to be responsive and flexible, serving the densest areas and the darkest corners, and enhancing coverage, speed and reliability for guests and staff alike.


In the dynamic world of hospitality, the ability to provide exceptional guest experiences is the core of success. Seamless connectivity, efficient operations and personalized service set hospitality venues apart from their competition. Leveraging best-in-class network technologies from Extenet helps venues enhance guest experiences, improve operational efficiencies, take advantage of next-gen technologies like augmented reality and much more.

Our private wireless and DAS/D-RAN solutions are integral to the success of hotels and convention centers. These robust yet flexible networks allow you to create more revenue-generating opportunities (think contactless POS, etc.) across your venue. And with our managed infrastructure services, you can stay focused on your top priority—your guests—and let us handle your network’s performance. By investing in optimizing your network with Extenet, premiere hotels and convention centers nationwide can continue to deliver top-tier services and meet ever-increasing connectivity demands.

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Commercial Real Estate

The ability to offer tenants powerful, fast and secure connections has become a defining factor for today’s modern workplaces. With tenants demanding superior wireless service and reliable connectivity no matter where they are, building owners are investing in digital infrastructure to support these needs. Extenet is your strategic digital infrastructure partner in navigating the ever-evolving wireless landscape for commercial real estate buildings. 

From delivering carrier-grade mobility to high-speed, reliable internet access for smart building management and IoT capabilities, Extenet’s infrastructure, technologies and expertise ensure your venue’s offerings are firmly best-in-class and at the forefront of the competition. And with our managed infrastructure offering, Extenet takes on the end-to-end management and maintenance of your property’s network—enabling you to focus on your tenant’s needs.

Whether you manage office buildings, retail centers or mixed-use developments, Extenet’s customizes our offerings to power your building, drive improved tenant experiences and elevate the value of your real estate portfolio. Our cost-effective financial models help turn your building into a tenant’s dream.


Mobile connectivity continues to be of utmost importance to passengers and operators who are on the move daily in train stations, airports and bus terminals. With more than 1.3 million people traveling daily nationwide, transit hubs are required to meet peak data usage requirements and passenger expectations while also ensuring public safety and managing operational costs.

To enhance security, operate efficiently and deliver robust indoor 5G and outdoor wireless, public and private transit owners seek fast, reliable digital infrastructure to stay ahead of the competition. Extenet also provides digital real estate solutions and the team to launch transportation centers to the future of connectivity.

Our DAS/D-RAN and private wireless solutions maximize coverage and capacity and provide end-to-end connectivity for guests and tenants within hubs. Plus, tap into our network management and maintenance expertise with our turnkey managed infrastructure services offering—and leave the headaches to us.

With real-time vehicle tracking, secure logistics communication, instant data analytics and enhanced passenger experiences, Extenet’s transportation solutions are the gateway to a future where travel is smarter, safer and more efficient.

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