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The stage is set to 2002, when wireless data was in its infancy, as was Extenet. But already, we had an innovative insight. We could see that the current macro tower wireless infrastructure was inadequate to serve mobile phone users as the market grew. We believed that distributed networks were the solution. 

Then in 2007, the market exploded. Apple launched the revolutionary iPhone. New smartphones, tablets and IoT devices suddenly became significantly more usable and desirable with the launch of nationwide 4G LTE networks by wireless carriers. 

Wireless networks now required massive capacity, and the macro tower networks were—as we expected—unable to deliver. Our distributed networks business model proved to be the right solution at the right time, and we were able to successfully meet the moment. As the market grew, we grew with it, building wireless and wired digital infrastructure across the country. 

We found success by handling business the Extenet way. Putting customers first is one of our core brand values. Imagine and innovate is another, and it’s the reason we provide the industry’s most cutting-edge indoor and outdoor digital infrastructure. 

Over two decades, we have become the nation’s largest privately held provider of communications infrastructure and services for outdoor and in-building wireless, fiber and other advanced connectivity needs. But we have no intention of stopping there.

In 2022, we moved our HQ from Illinois to Texas, right next to the Dallas Cowboys training center. We were privileged to build its connectivity infrastructure, so we know how to be good neighbors.

Our new location is one of the most influential telecom corridors in the country. However, it was not just a physical move based on what’s happening in this corridor but a strategic move as well. Our industry is changing, and we are adapting and growing to again meet the moment and rise beyond it.

Transforming our culture is integral to our future success. We not only gave the company a new look in 2022, but we also created a diverse, positive and inclusive culture that centers on a feeling of community and fosters a greater sense of belonging for our team.

While we continue to elevate our game, we remain forever down to earth. We’re ready to show you how we can power the important connections for YOUR life.

[We are] Extenet. Connections for Life.

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