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Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today

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Extenet is a trusted communications infrastructure partner for Network Operators. Since our first distributed network (DNS) in 2005, we have deployed over 500 networks – including fiber, small cells, DAS and evolved packet core (EPC) networks – both outdoors and indoors. Our NOC manages these carrier-class networks and all its 65,000 associated network elements for our network operator customers.

Extenet’s innovative connectivity solutions address end-to-end communication infrastructure needs of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), cable operators (MSOs), wholesale carriers and rural operators. Our core expertise lies in the design, build and operations of these carrier-class networks and solutions, both outdoors and indoors.

Technology Matters, Service Differentiation Matters Most

Extenet is a bona fide leader in enabling outdoor and indoor mobility solutions, including fiber, small cells and DAS. We always prioritize and align the needs of our customers with the right technology solution. Service differentiation is critical, and we are focused on partnering with our customers to deliver and operate world-class networks and differentiate their service offerings. Our people focus on the How, as the How invariably marks success for all parties. Our business model necessitates a long-term view of network investment, and we strive for long-term value creation for our customers.

  • We serve our MNO and MSO customers with scalable and reliable 4G LTE and 5G networks, fiber fronthaul and backhaul, edge networking and in-building communications infrastructure solutions
  • With 30K+ operational and under-construction DNS nodes—including small cells and DAS—our networks can enable mobile connectivity to over 1 million devices concurrently
  • We provide carrier-grade transport links and dark fiber for the carriers as a wholesale service
  • Our turnkey LTE solution—inclusive of EPC—provides a cost and time-to-market advantage for rural and fixed wireless operators
  • Being an industry leader in CBRS-ready networks with 1,000+ sites already deployed, we provide the expertise and managed service offerings essential for deploying and operating private LTE networks

Please contact Extenet at sales@extenetsystems.com to discuss ways we can help you build your next-generation communications network.

Mobile Network Operators

Extenet advances connectivity for MNOs with Fiber, Small Cell, DAS, Edge and Building Communications Infrastructure Solutions. We enable the data speeds needed for today’s high-speed communications world.

Diagram of Mobile Network Operators

Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today for the MNOs

Improving service and reducing churn are primary goals for our Mobile Network Operator customers. Given the cost and difficulty in acquiring new subscribers, MNOs focus on increasing retention by improving network performance and service assurance. Today, 5G network densification has begun as an overlay to the existing 4G LTE networks. Spectrum remains a premium, and MNOs look increasingly toward infrastructure and spectrum investment monetization. Extenet’s distributed networks (DNS)—including fiber, small cells and DAS networks—deliver advanced mobile connectivity for the MNOs. Bandwidth-intensive data and video applications require a distributed network topology to deliver a high-performance network. Leveraging rights-of-way (ROW) infrastructure in the outdoors and real estate property indoors to bring network elements closer to the users, the distributed networks deliver a high-speed, high-bandwidth, always-connected experience.

Your Network, Our Commitment

As a leading neutral-host communications infrastructure partner, Extenet ensures best-in-class connectivity solutions and superior customer service. Since 2005, we have enabled advanced mobile connectivity outdoors via small cells and DAS. Leveraging our purpose-built and high-capacity fiber network, we have deployed over 300 outdoor networks. We are highly responsive and flexible while catering to the unique needs of our customers by delivering:

  • Turnkey small cells and DAS networks in majority of our deployments
  • Fiber-only builds if our customers indicate so
  • Node-only builds if our customers have existing fiber in the area

Our expertise extends indoors where we have networks in several verticals, including commercial office and multi-use buildings, hotels and convention centers, sports and entertainment venues, healthcare facilities and transit systems. While we primarily design, build and operate the distributed networks, we also increasingly offer consultation and managed services for our customers. We have enabled advanced mobility and building communications service in over 200 buildings. Our 5G service in AT&T Stadium is the first instance of 5G indoors. Today, we are engaged with building owners and MNOs to deliver private LTE networks using CBRS spectrum. Bottom line, we are committed to the success of our customers, always! Please contact Extenet at sales@extenetsystems.com to discuss ways we can design, build and operate your 4G LTE and 5G mobility networks and provide in-building communication infrastructure and service

Indoor Mobility

Extenet advances connectivity indoors with fiber and small cell networks. Users need seamless coverage and high capacity. 4G LTE is everywhere, while 5G networks are being built today.

We serve our customers as a neutral-host infrastructure provider.

Outdoor Mobility

Extenet advances connectivity outdoors with fiber and small cell networks. 5G involves hyper-densification with fiber and small cells being deployed in large scale everywhere.

We serve our customers as a neutral-host infrastructure provider.

Fiber Backhaul & Fronthaul

Extenet advances connectivity outdoors with fiber fronthaul and backhaul networks. 5G involves hyper-densification with fiber and small cells being deployed in large scale everywhere.

We leverage our high-capacity fiber footprint to best serve our customers.

Wholesale Carriers

Extenet Advances Connectivity for Network Operators, Broadband Carriers and Alternate Providers with Dark Fiber and Lit Services. We work with network operators and broadband carriers to augment or extend their metro and long-haul fiber footprint.

Diagram of Wholesale Carriers

Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today with Wholesale Services

Network operators, including broadband carriers, have distinct needs to augment or extend their local, metro and even long-haul fiber footprint. High-bandwidth and secure connectivity is often needed, including dark fiber and lit services. Redundancy in the network is also important for carriers. Carriers often leverage Extenet’s dark fiber transport infrastructure or subscribe to our Layer 2 fiber-based telecom services or utilize a hybrid blend of both in a wholesale agreement. Extenet has high-capacity fiber network in several markets with national interconnectivity. Our customer-centered approach, alongside our fiber and mobility experience, sets us apart. We have purpose-built our fiber networks over the years, which delivers low-latency and high-performance guarantees. We also have access agreements with hundreds of buildings and can help connect carriers to buildings and customers.

Multi-Service Offerings via Our Purpose-Built, High-Capacity Fiber Network

Integrating our existing network infrastructure as a virtual extension can be executed quickly for several use cases, including:

  • New network points of presence (PoPs)
  • Adding capacity between existing network assets
  • Laterally extending the last mile to serve a desirable commercial property

Carriers often face challenges around cost, schedule and permitting when looking at market or network expansion. Leveraging Extenet’s partnership and existing transport capabilities can be a smart option to save time and budget while reducing complexity.

In addition, carriers lacking building-access rights but interested in accessing a commercial building to serve enterprises can partner with Extenet. In our fiber markets, we also typically manage in-building fiber in several marquis buildings. Extenet has secured all necessary access and pre-wired the buildings to allow interested carriers to simply “plug in” and get immediate access to the enterprise customers. We are always committed to the success of our customers. Please contact Extenet at sales@extenetsystems.com to discuss ways we can enable your fiber connectivity.

Ethernet & Wave Services

Extenet enables advanced connectivity for network operators and carriers with high-speed and secure connections between locations.

We provide point-to-point (P2P) and point-to-multipoint (P2MP) managed and secure connectivity to best serve your needs.

Metro Dark Fiber

Extenet provides its high-capacity fiber to network operators, broadband carriers and alternate providers.

As bandwidth demands increase exponentially, Extenet’s purpose-built fiber network is leveraged for capacity and redundancy needs.

Rural & Fixed Wireless Carriers

Advancing Connectivity for Rural & Fixed Wireless Carriers with Distributed EPC, Turnkey LTE, CBRS and IaaS Solutions. We Enable High-Speed Broadband Services to Underserved Markets.

Diagram of Rural and Fixed Wireless Scenario

Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today in Rural and Regional Markets

Rural and fixed wireless carriers have distinct communications infrastructure needs that demand a customized approach. Mobile broadband services, also referred to as advanced mobility, have become necessary because of the unique challenges in the serving areas. Innovative network architecture, operational expertise and flexible business models are important requirements for a solution provider serving rural telcos. Typically serving business and consumer segments of an entire township, these carriers need a custom approach to enabling their communication service. Extenet launched a rural carrier-centered business in 2012 and has since partnered with 20+ rural carriers to deliver turnkey standards-based LTE networks. A typical solution integrates Extenet’s distributed evolved packet core (EPC) solution with an industry-leading radio access network (RAN). Extenet’s NOC provides 24/7 monitoring and maintenance support to 2,000+ operational sites in the rural markets.

Our Custom Approach to Serve Your Needs

Innovation and flexibility are integral to our service offering for rural carriers. Recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all, we tailor our approach toward addressing specific needs. These include:

  • Fixed wireless 3GPP-compliant LTE scalable solution
  • Licensed, unlicensed and shared spectrum deployments
  • Addressing terrain, distances and other adverse and challenging conditions
  • Distributed packet core approach to ensure edge intelligence and functionality

Extenet is a pioneer in addressing rural carrier needs with a distributed, EPC-based, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering. We were early adopters of pre-CBRS innovative solutions for rural carriers with 1,000+ sites today, which gives us the experience across the breadth of licensed, unlicensed and shared spectrum deployments to enable advanced connectivity.

Our networks offer a menu of advanced mobility services for the rural carrier that mirror services found in the networks of national Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Our distributed packet core approach ensures edge intelligence and functionality. In situations where fiber may not be viable due to extended physical distances, geographical challenges or limited subscriber count, Extenet enables an advanced fixed wireless 3GPP-compliant LTE solution. Please contact Extenet at sales@extenetsystems.com to discuss ways we can help you build your rural and fixed wireless network.

Distributed EPC & IaaS

Extenet advances connectivity in rural markets with its carrier-class Distributed EPC solution.

Using this approach, Extenet enables mobility and fixed wireless services for rural carriers in their coverage areas in a quick, scalable, flexible and cost-effective manner.

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