Extenet Receives Globee’s Best Deployment of the Year Award for Revolutionary In-Building Cellular Enhancement Project with MGM Resorts

Mobile connectivity has become essential in our lives, catering to personal and professional needs. From executives to high school students, everyone relies on their mobile and IoT devices for various tasks, making a stable and high-quality network a necessity. Recognizing the significance of this connectivity, the hospitality industry has taken the lead in ensuring guests have access to seamless mobile experiences.

Extenet, a premier privately-held provider of digital infrastructure, has recently been honored with Globee’s Best Deployment of the Year award for our groundbreaking partnership with MGM Resorts, an S&P 500 global entertainment company. Extenet’s recognition was especially notable as it outshined worthy tech giants like IBM for the win.

Revolutionizing Connectivity in the Hospitality Industry

Extenet and MGM have embarked on the largest in-building cellular enhancement project in the U.S., collaborating to bring advanced in-building signal and connectivity solutions to MGM Resorts destinations across the country. This ambitious project aims to offer guests unparalleled mobile connectivity, providing them with a reliable, consistent internet connection within the expansive casino resorts. By ensuring stable 5G service via Extenet’s infrastructure, nearly 200,000 visitors daily will experience enhanced connectivity, eliminating dead zones and facilitating access to a range of travel and leisure capabilities.

Enhanced Guest Experiences

In a hospitality setting, reliable mobile connectivity is crucial for providing exceptional guest experiences. By expanding in-building coverage, Extenet empowers guests to seamlessly coordinate plans, make meal and show reservations, access keyless check-in, navigate to activities, and place online orders for food and beverages. Furthermore, uninterrupted access to social media, video sharing, text messaging and calling enables guests to stay connected with their loved ones and share their experiences while enjoying the luxurious amenities of MGM Resorts destinations. This seamless integration of technology enhances guest satisfaction and sets MGM Resorts apart from its competitors, strengthening its position in the hospitality industry.

Setting New Industry Standards

Extenet’s ambitious plans for MGM Resorts extend beyond the current project, aiming to implement our state-of-the-art distributed wireless network in 25 properties, encompassing a staggering 54 million square feet, over 43,000 guest rooms, and serving more than 70 million visitors annually. Completing these properties by Fall 2024 aligns strategically with major events such as the Formula 1 inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix in November 2023 and Super Bowl LVIII in February 2024, showcasing the project’s scope and impact. By leading the way in next-generation hospitality and commercial real estate solutions, Extenet is revolutionizing the future of in-building wireless deployments.

An Industry Leader and Innovator

Extenet’s partnership with MGM Resorts represents a significant technological achievement and reinforces MGM Resorts’ position as a hospitality industry leader. Through our turnkey, customer-centric approach, Extenet has successfully deployed best-in-class in-building wireless solution. Extenet’s commitment to enhancing guest experiences and continued technological innovation have earned the company Globee’s prestigious Best Deployment of the Year award.

In today’s interconnected world, mobile connectivity is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. The hospitality industry understands this better than anyone, and Extenet’s award-winning deployment of advanced in-building cellular enhancement sets a new industry standard. Extenet is revolutionizing the guest experience at MGM Resorts destinations throughout the U.S., and we’re just getting started.

About the Globees

The Globee Awards were formed to honor organizations of all types and sizes from around the world for their achievements in various business and technology-related categories. The awards were created to provide a platform for recognizing and promoting excellence in industries and sectors shaping business’s future.

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