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Welcome to Extenet’s Privacy Center. Here you will find our general Privacy Notice, details on how we do not sell your personal information, and the best ways to contact us with questions about your personal data.

Privacy notice

At Extenet, we know how important privacy is to our customers.  We have created this Privacy Notice to explain our approach to the collection, use and disclosure of information through the use of our services or as you interact with our web page.

Job applicant privacy notice

At Extenet, privacy isn’t just important to our customers, it’s important to our potential employees as well.  Our Privacy Notice explains our approach to the collection, use and disclosure of job applicants’ information through the hiring process and use of our web page.

Do not sell my personal information

You’re in luck, Extenet does not sell your personal information! To see how we may use or share your information in a very limited way, please see our Privacy Notice.

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