Private Wireless Networks: Redefining Connectivity for Venues, Outdoor Networks and Enterprises

In today’s hyper-connected world, seamless wireless networks have become a lifeline across all walks of life. From students to professionals to enterprises, the reliance on these networks is universal. With the ability to stay connected, access information and communicate effortlessly, wireless has transformed the way we live, work and interact.

While public wireless networks have served as a foundation for connectivity, they often fall short when it comes to meeting specific needs. Enter private wireless networks—a gamechanger that empowers connectivity with unmatched control, customization and security.

Private Wireless Superiority

  • Customization and Scalability: Private wireless allows tailored network infrastructure for specific needs, with seamless scalability and customization options
  • Enhanced Performance: Private wireless networks provide dedicated, high-bandwidth connections, reducing latency and improving data transfer rates for optimized operations and a better user experience
  • Unparalleled Security: Private wireless networks offer robust security measures like encryption and intrusion detection systems, protecting sensitive data and preventing cyberattacks
  • Greater Control and Management: With private wireless, organizations have complete control over their infrastructure and are able to optimize performance, allocate bandwidth and implement Quality of Service (QoS) policies
  • Industry-Specific Use Cases: Private networks have valuable applications in sports and entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, logistics and education—offering tailored solutions to meet industry demands

The Power of Private Wireless

Private wireless networks are reshaping how we experience connectivity. From elevating the fan experience in venues to harnessing connectivity for outdoor networks to powering large-scale enterprises, private wireless networks are revolutionizing the way businesses connect, communicate and operate. Private wireless networks are tailored to enterprise-wide, advanced applications, bringing innumerable advantages to the table.

Private Wireless for Sports & Entertainment Venues

Private wireless networks are reshaping connectivity and enhancing the fan experience at venues such as stadiums, arenas, conference centers, hotels and entertainment venues. For example, Extenet’s private wireless network deployment at Frost Bank Center (formerly AT&T Center)—home of the San Antonio Spurs—provides a range of benefits at the arena, including streamlined entry, real-time fan applications, contactless transactions and improved safety and surveillance.

Frost Bank Center also hosts numerous other high-capacity and sellout events, and Extenet’s massive 5G network upgrade contributes to an elevated experience for fans. These experiences reflect the broader industry trend toward leveraging technology for efficiency and interactive engagement. Key features and benefits for venues include:

  • Next-gen fan services, including tiered loyalty programs, that create new revenue opportunities
  • Interactive, personalized fan engagement throughout the venue
  • Augmented reality (AR) digital wayfinding, venue maps and geolocation
  • Contactless point-of-sale (POS) transactions
  • Improved security and surveillance capabilities
  • Enhanced video experiences venue-wide

Private Wireless for Outdoor Networks

Private wireless networks are emerging as an effective deployment for outdoor network operators, providing reliable and secure connectivity for various applications, from industrial operations to remote monitoring to smart cities and beyond. The benefit of private wireless over WiFi is clear—for each cellular access point needed to cover the outdoors, it would take at least 10 WiFi access points to cover the same area. Additional advantages for outdoor networks include:

  • Full coverage with strategic frequency bands and diverse wireless technologies
  • Prioritized traffic for low-latency, reliable communication, minimizing downtime
  • Reduced costs with fewer access points, minimal hardware and mesh solutions
  • Network privacy with robust measures against unauthorized access and cyber threats
  • Flexibility and scalability for a variety of outdoor applications

Private Wireless for Enterprises

Private wireless networks also offer a robust solution for large-scale enterprises seeking reliable, secure and customizable connectivity. Extenet’s private wireless solutions empower enterprises to establish localized, independent networks, providing unparalleled control over network architecture, data routing and security optimization. Key benefits for enterprises include:

  • Control and customization options for tailored networks
  • Stable, high bandwidth and low latency connections
  • Reduction in operating expenses through the elimination of per-device charges
  • Enhanced security—separate from public networks—ensuring data integrity
  • Support for emerging technologies like AR, VR and AI-enhanced systems
  • Unsurpassed scalability, adaptable to changing business demands

Private Wireless, the Future of Connectivity

As industries evolve and connectivity becomes ever more critical, Extenet’s private wireless networks offer a pivotal solution. Private wireless networks are reshaping the future of connectivity from immersive fan experiences to secure outdoor networks to improved operational efficiency for enterprises. As demand for secure and reliable networks grows, Extenet’s commitment to innovation ensures its private wireless networks will continue to deliver unmatched benefits to clients and partners.

Ready to revolutionize your connectivity? Contact us to explore how Extenet can help reshape your connectivity landscape and position your business for current and future growth.

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