The Impact of AI & 5G Solutions on Tribal Casinos and Hotels: Insights from the 16th Annual Conference

Team Extenet recently attended the Native Nation Events‘ 16th Annual Tribal Casino & Hotel Development Conference at Casino Del Sol in Tucson, Arizona. This event united tribal leaders and industry experts to discuss how technology is influencing the future of the casino and hospitality industries. During a panel moderated by Neil Bora, our VP of Venue Acquisitions, the conversation focused on the exciting possibilities of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G solutions in Tribal casinos & hotels. 

Unveiling the Future of Tribal Hospitality with AI & 5G Solutions

Neil moderated a panel titled “Emerging Technologies Discussion: Artificial Intelligence & More,” featuring esteemed industry experts from Cherokee Nation Entertainment, Umpqua Indian Development, SHR Group, and iPost. Together, they examined the present state of gaming and envisioned a future where technology, including 5G solutions, acts as a catalyst for innovation within Tribal-owned establishments.

Key Insights from the Discussion

The panel shed light on several crucial insights that underscore the significance of technology, particularly AI and 5G solutions, in reshaping the landscape of Tribal casinos and resorts:

  • Strategic Adoption of Technology: The conference emphasized the strategic imperative for Tribal-owned establishments to embrace technology, particularly AI, to drive sustainable growth. Integrating cutting-edge technologies can enhance operational efficiencies, elevate guest experiences, and unlock new revenue streams.
  • Education and Awareness: Panelists unanimously agreed on the importance of ongoing education initiatives to demystify AI and equip industry stakeholders with the necessary knowledge. By fostering a culture of continuous learning, Tribal casinos and hotels can effectively leverage AI innovations to maximize their impact on business operations.
  • Infrastructure Challenges and Opportunities: Panelists discussed the challenges associated with infrastructure upgrades to accommodate advanced technologies like AI. Addressing these challenges presents an opportunity for establishments to invest in robust technology frameworks that seamlessly integrate AI capabilities, along with leveraging the benefits of 5G solutions, thereby enhancing operational efficiencies and guest services.


Read more about Neil’s additional conference insights in his most recently published LinkedIn article

At Extenet, we are committed to empowering these establishments with tailored digital infrastructure solutions that accommodate AI technologies and harness the power of 5G connectivity. To learn more about how we can help transform your casino or hotel with innovative connectivity solutions, contact us today.

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