Bringing High-Speed Internet to Rural California with Nokia North America

Nokia and ExteNet Systems recently announced their partnership to deliver a CBRS network for Cal.net, Inc., a wireless internet service provider based in Northern California, with internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps downlink and 20 Mbps uplink for Cal.net customers in rural and underserved regions. This partnership will involve Nokia providing the network equipment while ExteNet designs, builds, and operates the network for Cal.Net.

“In the rural regions that we serve, we needed a wireless solution that can deliver the same performance as fiber, and we needed a trusted partner in wireless infrastructure to help bring our vision of a highly reliable wireless network to life,” said Nick Sekulich, Director of Operations, Cal.net. We chose to build our new network exclusively with Nokia equipment given the company’s decades-long reputation for quality in telecom and our mutual commitment to bridging the digital divide for underserved communities.”

“This Cal.net buildout is strategically planned over the next ten years, with the majority of work completed upfront. As such, we are committed to our long-term partnership with Cal.net and ExteNet Systems to put the enormous benefits of access to high-speed internet for education, commerce, healthcare, and more into the hands of the people,” said Tim Mahoney, National Director of Sales – U.S. Regionals, Nokia.

ExteNet and Nokia will look to extend this partnership in other rural areas awarded capital to upgrade their networks with the Connect America Fund (CAF), bridging the digital divide in the US.

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