Elevating Connectivity in the Northeast

“We chose Extenet to help make Barclays Center the premier location for entertainment in New York by ensuring superior wireless capacity and coverage with proven DAS coverage. Extenet’s experience in deploying large-scale communication networks coupled with a business model that supports a cost-effective entry for wireless carriers made the Extenet decision smart on all fronts.” – Chip Foley, Director at Forest City Ratner Companies, developer of Barclays Center.

Extenet has emerged as a symbol of reliability, connectivity, and innovation in the dynamic landscape of the Northeast United States. The demand for broad connectivity and ever-growing data capacity is necessary in a region marked by bustling cities, iconic landmarks, and a dense population. Extenet’s commitment to enhancing experiences and connectivity for businesses, government municipalities, residents, and visitors has set the stage for a narrative of success.


Connecting the Heart of New York City & Beyond

New York City, the largest and most populous city in the United States, relies on robust wireless infrastructure from Extenet to support its vast corporate landscape, dense population, and millions of annual visitors. Extenet’s extensive fiber footprint and outdoor distributed networks in  Manhattan include marquee public landmarks such as Central Park & Bryant Park. Centralized hub design optimizes scalability, flexibility, and economics to ensure reliable mobile connectivity for indoor and outdoor environments.

Just up the Hudson River, Extenet also operates expansive distributed networks in locales like Yonkers and Mount Vernon that support over 250,000 residents. These implementations utilize an extensive fiber network, enabling high-quality mobile service with low-powered, small form-factor equipment that preserves the aesthetic integrity of these beautiful communities.

Assets Deployed

  • 4G & 5G service-ready supporting all four national wireless carriers
  • Over 50 square miles covered
  • Expansive outdoor distributed network in Manhattan
  • Centralized hubs for scalability and design flexibility
  • Presence in Yonkers and Mount Vernon, supporting over 250,000 residents


Taking Connectivity to New Heights at The Empire State Building

Extenet designed and maintained the network for The Empire State Building (ESB), accommodating all major wireless carriers and their supported wireless services.  Home to iconic businesses such as LinkedIn, Shutterstock, and JCDecaux North America, the Empire State Building is a national historic landmark and one of America’s most iconic structures. Standing as the fourth tallest building in New York City, the ESB complex encompasses over 2.58 million rentable square feet. Extenet’s distributed network ensures seamless mobile connectivity for tenants and over 4 million tourists who visit the attraction annually.  

Assets Deployed

  • 1,454 feet tall, 102 stories; the 6th tallest building in the United States
  • Over 2.58 million rentable square feet
  • Distributed network ensuring seamless mobile connectivity
  • Operational since 2014, accommodating all major carriers


Redefining Entertainment in Brooklyn

In the heart of Brooklyn, the Barclays Center symbolizes entertainment excellence. Hosting world-renowned performers and home to the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets and the WNBA’s New York Liberty, Barclays Center is a cultural cornerstone. Extenet’s design and installation of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in the arena supports all four major wireless carriers and provides seamless connectivity for staff and fans. This turnkey network aligns seamlessly with the arena’s unique design, contributing to its popularity as one of the most sought-after arenas globally. Extenet, as part of the initial design and construction phase, met an aggressive schedule and delivered a turnkey network that aligns with and complements the arena’s one-of-a-kind design.

Assets Deployed

  • 700,000 square feet of mixed-use stadium space
  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS) from day one
  • Turnkey network supporting all major wireless carriers


Elevating Philadelphia’s Skyline

From the soaring heights of One Liberty Place, Philadelphia’s third-tallest skyscraper, to the gateway stature of One Penn Center at Suburban Station, Extenet reshapes the skyline. One Liberty’s 61 stories of Class A office space and One Penn’s 20-story testament to business prowess benefit from Extenet’s high-capacity fiber backbone, providing seamless connectivity for tenants and guests. A multi-carrier network ensures mobility needs are met, and scalable infrastructure prepares for the future of 5G, building automation, and IoT requirements.

Assets Deployed

One Liberty Place: From broadband internet to mobile networks, Extenet’s high-speed fiber backbone gives all users a unique, connected experience.

  • 945 feet tall, 61 stories
  • 2 million square feet of Class A office space
  • High-capacity fiber backbone
  • Multi-carrier network for seamless connectivity


One Penn Center: Extenet’s robust fiber backbone support is a multi-carrier network that empowers One Penn with the essential infrastructure to meet its current mobility and connectivity requirements. It also allows the network to scale to meet 5G, building automation, and IoT requirements. This shared communications infrastructure enhances the daily operations of tenants, guests, and staff.  

  • 650,000 square feet, 20 stories
  • High-speed fiber backbone
  • Multi-carrier network supporting current and future needs


Amplifying Experience 

Extenet goes beyond the cities of brotherly love and the Big Apple, reaching iconic venues across the Northeast United States. The company’s presence extends to iconic venues such as the XL Center in Hartford, CT, Amica Mutual Pavilion in Providence, RI, and the Rhode Island Convention Center. These deployments showcase Extenet’s commitment to providing streamlined connectivity and enhancing user experiences in both urban and suburban landscapes.

Key Takeaways

  • Connectivity Excellence: Extenet’s high-capacity fiber backbone and multi-carrier networks ensure seamless connectivity in iconic structures.
  • Future-Ready Infrastructure: Scalable infrastructure prepares for the demands of 5G, building automation, and IoT requirements.
  • Enhanced User Experiences: Seamless mobile connectivity benefits tenants, visitors, and staff, contributing to superior user experiences.
  • Strategic Urban and Suburban Presence: From Manhattan’s marquee areas to suburban locales, Extenet strategically deploys networks to meet diverse connectivity needs.
  • Iconic Venue Support: Extenet’s commitment extends to iconic venues like the Barclays Center, XL Center, Amica Mutual Pavilion, and the Rhode Island Convention Center.


Redefining Connectivity in the Northeast 

In the Northeast United States, Extenet’s success stories weave a narrative of connectivity and design excellence by transforming iconic landmarks and enhancing the digital landscape. With a commitment to delivering superior user experiences, Extenet is shaping the future of connectivity in this dynamic region and beyond.

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