Enterprise Data Center Solutions

As customers transmit increasing amounts of data every year, data centers must keep pace with the accelerating need for bandwidth.


Enterprise Redundancy Via High-Speed Data Center Connectivity

Data centers need to provide greater interconnectivity between their distributed facilities within geographic regions to provide customers with a unified regional offering. Extenet is a leading global data center provider with operations in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area and installs purpose-built fiber networks that allow data centers to provide a higher level of service.

  • Create greater interconnectivity between six distributed data centers
  • Support 100GB connection between New York and New Jersey
  • Capture a greater share of business in a crowded metropolitan data center market

During a comprehensive evaluation process, the data center provider met with multiple fiber providers in the area. Extenet took a consultative approach to understand the data center provider’s needs and came up with a short-range solution that would provide the high-quality connectivity it was seeking for its data center facilities. As part of this solution, Extenet provided a dark-fiber connection between a facility in Manhattan and a facility in Secaucus, New Jersey—a distance of nearly 13 kilometers. In tests involving other carriers, Extenet was the only provider able to successfully support a 100GB connection between these two facilities. The ability to perform at such high speeds—with no dispersion loss or other performance issues—is a testament to the high quality of the fiber used in Extenet’s network and the high standard of excellence Extenet applies to splicing tolerances.

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