Las Vegas

Vegas connectivity during the day

“We’re committed to elevating every guest experience as the world relies increasingly on mobile devices and applications. This was at the core of our decision to partner with Extenet. They delight in the user experience – so our properties can reliably bring better service and enrichment to our guests.” —Jim Kimball, Executive Director of Enterprise […]

Enterprise Financial Connectivity

Charts and graphs

Reducing latency is the business edge that high frequency trading companies need to compete and prosper. Just a fraction of a second gives you the competitive advantage that can be the difference between winning and losing.   Building and Deploying a Competitive Edge The financial industry has an unceasing appetite for performance. But, network latency […]

Inland Cellular

Cellular mobility

“At Inland Cellular, we are constantly evaluating ways to advance our customer experience and provide our customer base with enhanced service offerings. Applying the CBRS use case to our existing infrastructure seemed like a natural progression for us. We are excited to work with Extenet on this initial trial and eventual commercial CBRS service rollout […]

Enterprise Data Center Solutions

Graphs and Paperwork

As customers transmit increasing amounts of data every year, data centers must keep pace with the accelerating need for bandwidth.   Enterprise Redundancy Via High-Speed Data Center Connectivity Data centers need to provide greater interconnectivity between their distributed facilities within geographic regions to provide customers with a unified regional offering. Extenet is a leading global […]

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